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Popcorn Removal

 Looking for a dramatic way to improve the interior of your Colorado Springs home or office? Popcorn ceiling       removal is an easy and affordable way to dramatically improve the look of your home or office virtually     overnight.

Acoustic or popcorn as it’s called, is little styrofoam pellets mixed in with joint compound. Having this type of texture on your ceilings has problems associated with it. It flakes off when it gets touched, yellows in the sunlight over time. You can’t paint it without risking your ceiling falling all over the floor, plus it's an outdated appearance.

At COS PAINTERS we have better options available for you. We can remove the popcorn and re-texture the ceilings. We can apply many modern textures, or we can make it smooth. The effect that comes from having smooth ceilings “opens up” a room significantly.