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Why Paint?


 House painting is important for many reasons.

Obviously, a good paint job beautifies and adds character and personality to

your home. Here’s why you should think about painting your house:

 Painting a home's exterior walls, trim and other home surfaces will help

the homeowner protect the home from inclement weather. Moisture can

enter wall openings, for example, where squirrels or woodpeckers create even a small opening. 

Particularly in homes with plaster walls, keeping home interior walls,

trim and other surfaces painting upkeep on schedule can minimize dust

and dirt that comes over time from building up and causing a breakdown

in your home's painted surfaces. Better quality paint keeps plaster in

check, and dust to a minimum.

 Painted surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens need to hold up under routine

use that includes exposure to humidity and steam. A quality paint job

with the proper product can last many times longer in a bath or kitchen

that sees everyday use. Painting maintenance & upkeep may make the

difference the life of your painted surfaces. Both out interior and exterior

painting protects your home for years to come.

 Incredibly, some forms of paint can actually reduce the danger of a fire

spreading in your house. Fire resistant paints, also known as intumescent

coatings, are a passive fire protection measure that are well worth the

investment. Obviously these products aren’t going to save your home

from a fire, but they can form an important part of your fire safety

measures in the house.

Painting and staining can have the effect of sealing off weaknesses and

and areas that may be targeted by termites, reducing the chance of these

pests making their way into your house. There are even termite-proof

paint varieties that simply add another layer onto the surface to keep

termites at bay.



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